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  For Rene and anyone else who's interested, here's a critical DWJ bibliography I've put together. It's not quite comprehensive, but most things are here, I think (I'd be interested to know of significant additions). I've included books which give DWJ more than a passing mention, as well as books and articles specifically about her. Also, critical articles she's written about her own work or subjects obviously related to it. I haven't included reviews of her books, though.

  It strikes me looking at this list just how short it still is, really, once you take out the individual articles from Exciting and Exacting Wisdom (which I haven't listed separately). Also, how much of it is written either by DWJ herself or by members of this list!

  Sorry about the wonky formatting of this post, btw. That'll teach me to use Rich Text (I only did it to keep the italics).

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