Conrad: non-spoiler note / QUESTION

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Tue Apr 12 10:48:16 EDT 2005

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 liril at wrote:

> Some people have already written that they'd love to talk about Conrad's
> Fate. I remember that with some other new books we "fixed" a date when most
> people who wanted to get the hardcover/early editions had had a chance to
> read it.
> What do you think? Would the beginning of May be ok (I think it was Tarja
> who wanted to have/read it by then)?

I don't know about American bookstores (since clearly they run later than
those in England and Australia, judging by messages here), but
told me they shipped my copy *today*, so it'll be 5-9 business days until
it gets here. I know Melissa is also in the same position. Yes, it'll be
here before May, but I'm worried that something evil will happen to delay
my possession of the book.

Maybe a week into May?

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