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>> On Mon, Apr 11, 2005 at 10:40:30AM +0100, Rowland, Jennifer A B wrote:
>>> Jo Walton recommended a book recently (I haven't read it); it seems to be
>>> in print, but might not be the easiest to find. "Mary Stewart's Nine
>>> Coaches Waiting
> and Roger replied:
>> It is very good indeed, but not a "horror" book at all - no
>> supernatural goings-on.
> I'd rather agree.  Though it has some of the horror tropes (lone girl
> against all sorts of skullduggery, castle, sinister owner), it lacks the
> sense of Things Unknown To Mortal Ken that I feel ought to be part of
> horror: it's too mundane, and the heroine too matter-of-fact, and the
> threats too ordinary (shooting, poison) for it to be spine-chill-scary.  Of
> Stewart's I would have said that *Touch Not The Cat* or *Wildfire At
> Midnight* or *The Gabriel Hounds* were the creepiest, and might fit the
> requirement better, with TNTC the nearest to supernatural, WFAM as the most
> scary, and TGH as having the most gothic trappings.

I'd certainly agree that Wildfire is the scariest - one of the few books to
give me waking nightmares as a teenager.

Elizabeth Bentley
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