OT: ghostly recommendations request

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 11 13:08:08 EDT 2005

>My officemate is going on a long plane trip, and wants
>me to recommend her a nice, scary book. But she wants
>it 'old-fashioned' (a modern pastiche of gothic novels
>might fit the bill) and without vampires - she hates
>Anne Rice - or werewolves. Ghosts would be a plus.
>I've realised that every scary book I own (all five of
>them) involves vampires, though none of them is
>anything like Anne Rice. Horror isn't my favourite
>genre, so I'm having trouble thinking of something.
>Any thoughts?
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is old-fashioned, very long, and quite 
creepy in a gothic-lite kind of way. No ghosts, but mysterious 
abductions and malevolent faeries.
Otherwise, what about Northanger Abbey?


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