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Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Mon Apr 11 12:32:59 EDT 2005

Chris asked...

> My officemate is going on a long plane trip, and wants
> me to recommend her a nice, scary book. But she wants
> it 'old-fashioned' (a modern pastiche of gothic novels
> might fit the bill) and without vampires - she hates
> Anne Rice - or werewolves. Ghosts would be a plus.
> I've realised that every scary book I own (all five of
> them) involves vampires, though none of them is
> anything like Anne Rice. Horror isn't my favourite
> genre, so I'm having trouble thinking of something.
> Any thoughts?

She might try Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", and I don't say 
that just because of my name.  It's truly a very creepy book, does not 
contain vampires or werewolves, and has the advantage of being easily 

Even if she doesn't like modern vampires, she might enjoy "Dracula" by Bram 
Stoker, which I consider to be a masterpiece of the epistolary novel and 
bears no resemblance to Anne Rice (I hate her work too).

Or there's Dennis Wheatley's "The Devil Rides Out", which involves 
Satanists, IIRC, but not vampires or werewolves, and dates from about the 
1930s.  I expected it to be utterly cheesy and crap when I picked it up, but 
it's actually very good.



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