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Mon Apr 11 10:31:46 EDT 2005

> Jo Walton recommended a book recently (I haven't read it); it seems to be in print, but might not be the easiest to find. "Mary Stewart's Nine Coaches Waiting is the most gothic Gothic there ever was, it couldn't be more gothic if it was covered all over with little gargoyles and flying buttresses. ... Now of course everything, including the exciting escape and chase sequences, goes exactly as one would expect, so it's not really much for suspense, but that's OK. If you want a genuine dyed-in-the-wool Gothic, of the kind they really don't make any more, one that's beautifully written and described and isn't in any way subversive of its genre, I can't recommend it highly enough."

I love Nine Coaches Waiting. But if you want something more gothic, 
there's always Georgette Heyer's _Cousin Kate_

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Sybil: "Good for you. You do that so well."
	-- Terry Pratchett, _The Fifth Elephant_

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