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Sun Apr 10 01:43:35 EDT 2005

On Sat, 09 Apr 2005 20:56:28 -0600, Robyn Starkey wrote:

>FINALLY! I managed to get hold of a copy. I must be the absolute last 
>person on the list to manage it.

No, that would be me.  Funny thing, Amazon sent me a message saying that the
other two items in the order were being delayed, but not Conrad--and yet it
hasn't shipped yet.  My account even says it will be shipped separately...on
April 6.

But that's all right, because I have other things I must read:

_Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell_ (halfway through)
_The Witch in the Well_ (finally)
_The Fairy Godmother_ (for reading group on Thursday, which I am hosting)
and if I can get it, _Venus in Copper_ because I am hooked on the Falco
series after only two books.  Whoever runs the library database, in his or
her infinite wisdom, has left the entry for _Venus in Copper_ despite its
having zero available copies.  This number is actually recorded on the
record that you find when you search for it.  I am told they do this so that
when they replace the book, they don't have to re-enter the entire record,
but do we really need to be taunted about books we can't get?

>Love the shiny cover and small size of 
>the book. Am planning not to get out of bed tommorow until I have read 
>the whole thing. I can justify this because I have 50 essays coming in 
>on Monday, so I need to have finished reading it before I start my marking.
This is an excellent and perfectly reasonable justification.  Pity I don't
have any like it.

Melissa Proffitt
(quite grouchy today)

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