Book of Gramarye quotation puzzle

Mark Allums mallums at
Sat Apr 9 18:13:25 EDT 2005

Charles Butler wrote:
>     He that sees blowing the wild wood tree,
>     And peewits circling their watery glass,
>     Dreams about Strangers that yet may be
>     Dark to our eyes, Alas!

The word "peewits" appears in _Gone to Earth_ by Mary Gladys Meredith 
Webb, according to Google.  It's available from Project Gutenburg.

I don't know if this is helpful or not, seeing as I don't know what a 
peewit is.  I never encountered the word before today.  Some kind of bird?

Update: On second thought, I guess this isn't that helpful after all 
(but I'm posting anyway).  Google has about 676 listings for peewits. 
You might try that search yourself.  Good luck.

--Mark A.

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