Book of Gramarye quotation puzzle

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Sat Apr 9 17:03:28 EDT 2005

I've been digging away at this one for some time - and knowing there are some Susan Cooper fans on this list (ObDWJ, the new editions of the Dark is Rising sequence apparently all have a quote from DWJ saying 'I wish I'd written this!' or words to that effect), I thought maybe someone here could put me straight.

In The Dark is Rising, when Will Stanton reads the Book of Gramarye, we are given four quotations from the book itself. Three of these four are borrowings from other literary sources (Tennyson, Robert Graves, and an Anglo-Saxon riddle). It seems at least possible that the fourth is too, but so far I've not been able to track it down. Does anyone have any idea where this might come from?

  He that sees blowing the wild wood tree,

  And peewits circling their watery glass,

  Dreams about Strangers that yet may be

  Dark to our eyes, Alas!

Of course, Susan Cooper may have invented it herself, but it doesn't seem quite her style, judging from the other bits of poetry in the book. All suggestions gratefully received!

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