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Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at
Fri Apr 8 03:23:27 EDT 2005

  We always said it as, "the only kid." And then we do the whole "then came
the butcher that killed the ox that drank the water that quenched the fire
that burned the stick that beat the dog that bit the cat that ate the kid my
father bought for two zuzim. The only kid the only kid." You get into a
screaming match trying to say the entire thing faster than the rest of your
family at the table-very fun.

  Yes,  of course. I gave the truncated version for reasons of laziness. :-)
We usually sing it, which is a disaster, because no one can agree upon which
of several traditional tunes is OUR traditional tune, and at least one of
the tunes only fits the words every other verse...

  Hmm. You've done something to the font to make it go all pink and funky.
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