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    One Kid, one kid, that father bought for two zuzim    (an ancient coin of
    very low denomination)
    Cat came and ate the kid
    Dog came and bit the cat
    Stick came and beat the dog
    Fire came and burnt the stick
    Water came and quenched the fire
    Ox came and drank the water
    Butcher came and slaughtered the ox
    Angel of death came and killed the butcher
    The holy one blessed be his name came and destroyed the angel of death.
    One kid, one kid.

    (If you ask me, the cat and dog got off cheap.)

  We always said it as, "the only kid." And then we do the whole "then came the butcher that killed the ox that drank the water that quenched the fire that burned the stick that beat the dog that bit the cat that ate the kid my  father bought for two zuzim. The only kid the only kid." You get into a screaming match trying to say the entire thing faster than the rest of your family at the table-very fun. 

  There's yet another Seder cumulative rhyme (besides this and 'Dayenu'): 'Who Knows One', which begins with "Who knows One? [or Who knows what One is?] I know One! One is our God in heaven and earth", 'Who knows Two? I know Two! Two are the tablets of the covenant..." and proceeds to thirteen, 'Who knows Thirteen? I kinow Thirteen! Thirteen are the thirteen qualities of God..." Each time, of course, you repeat the numbers below until you get to One again, which is a kind of rousing chorus. It's great fun.

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