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On Tuesday, April 5, 2005, at 05:05 PM, Colin Fine wrote:

> One of his arguments for this is the number of cases where we get it  
> 'wrong'. I'm not talking about the many people who ignore the rule in  
> normal speech and say "It's me", but about the people who  
> 'hypercorrect' and say "between you and I", for example. According to  
> the prescriptive rule this is wrong because 'between' should be  
> followed by an accusative. Emonds would argue that what has happened  
> is that people have been taught that their inner rule is wrong ("I  
> mustn't say 'John and me went'"), have not internalised the intended  
> rule, (because it depends on a category which does not exist in their  
> language), and have deduced another rule ("when talking about me and  
> someone else, always say 'I', not 'me').

My partner hypercorrects on this one and it drives me _nuts_.

This is an interesting point.  Because if I wanted to correct her  
[which I
refrain from doing unless she actually asks me to proofread something],
I would certainly tell her the rule about accusatives.  I don't  
actually have
working knowledge of anything but English, but in my time, I have  
Russian, Latin, and Greek.

I would mention that my knowledge of certain obsolete forms, like 'thee'
and 'thou' and so on, is very accurate, having been raised an  
on the King James Bible and the [USA] 1928 Book of Common Prayer --
which has plenty of Cranmer and Coverdale in it.

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