word order (was Re: Random DWJ discovery of the day)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 6 11:48:36 EDT 2005

Anna Zofia Skarzynska wrote:

>Both are by Steven Pinker and they are called The Language Instinct and
>Words and Rules.
>I dug them out last night and they Have The Answers! A lot of time is
>devoted to the study of just how children acquire language- all very
>pertinent to this discussion and much better put than I could ever hope to
>do. Absolutely fascinating and very illuminating (from the historical
>linguistics background and point of view I found it filled gaps and
>contributed to the elaborate 3D interactive and ever expanding construct in
>my brain which is labelled Language).
Okay, this is why you think I don't understand the issues. I think 
Pinker is almost entirely wrong in the way he theorises language 
aquisition. I know he's popular, but there are lots of experts on 
language who don't agree with him, for various reasons. There's a lot of 
debate about the nature of language; I think Pinker is almost 
intellectually dishonest because he very rarerly acknowledges that there 
is room for debate in what he is saying.


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