OT: English language question

Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at indiana.edu
Wed Apr 6 10:52:46 EDT 2005

I have been enjoying the discussion on English, all the more so because I
am currently teaching English as a Foreign Language courses in Spain and
have spent a lot of time thinking about English lately, since my only
qualification to be teaching English is being a native speaker, which
doesn't mean one can always adequately explain *why* one says things a
certain way.  Anyway, a student of mine asked me a vocabulary question I
have not yet been able to answer, and I thought perhaps this list might be
able to help, as we have a great mix of native English speakers and people
who have learned English in other ways. 

A student of mine is translating her CV to English, and I have not been
able to give her a name in English for her current job. In Spanish the
term is "azafata de gustacion:"  what she does is stand in the candy
department of a large department store and offer customers a sample of
chocolates.  In the US, we have employees who spray perfume samples in
makeup aisles, or offer samples of food in grocery stores for taste
testing, and people who stand at doors and greet customers as they walk
in--all similar types of jobs, but I couldn't think of what the name for
the job would be for something formal like a CV. Any thoughts?  This has
turned into one of those "wake up at 2am and waste precious sleeping time
puzzling over a trivial matter" things.


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