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Wed Apr 6 09:05:39 EDT 2005

> Robyn wrote:
> > What I want to know is, can you think of any other rhymes (possibly 
> > nursery rhymes) with that "in the orchard there was a hall; 
> > in the hall there was a bed" repetitive structure? 
> This is the key to the kingdom; of the kingdom this is the key.
> In that kingdom was a city; in that city was a street; in 
> that street there was a lane; in that lane a winding road; in 
> that road there stood a house; in that house there was a room;
A couple of people have already mentioned the one that immediately sprang to
mind with Robyn's query - The Green Grass grew all around.

There is also 'Funnybones' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg which starts out each
time with 

There was a dark, dark town and in the dark, dark town 
There was a dark, dark street....etc...and in the dark, dark cellar there
lived Three Skeletons.

(much recommended as books and videos)

I have heard a similar one (and used it with children) which has all the
repetitive "dark, dark"s and ends in some sort of scary surprise (or
anti-scary surprise).

Anita Graham

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