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Juliette Curtis juliette at
Wed Apr 6 04:16:33 EDT 2005

Well, if we are talking about cumulative songs, I know a beauty!

The poor old man he was crossing the road,
Crossing the road, crossing the road.
The poor old man he was crossing the road,
And along came a man with a wheelbarrow.
Don't let the wheel of your wheelbarrow,
Your wheelbarrow, your wheelbarrow,
Don't let the wheel of your wheelbarrow
Run over that poo-oor old man.

I won't inflict the whole thing on you. With each verse, the wheelbarrow 
becomes more and more complicated, as follows


It takes ages to sing it. I often sing it to my four-year old son, 
despite his cries of "No no!" when I get to the 

Now he is beginning to sing it back to me, so I may come to regret 
singing it to him. Or I might just join in and enjoy it.


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