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--- Robyn Starkey <rohina at> wrote:
> Hi All
> I have a request for information and am sure your
> excellent wisdoms can 
> provide it. I am doing some work on the Corpus
> Christi Carol. Slightly 
> modernised text herewith:
> Lully, lully, lully, lully,
>    The faucon hath born my make away.
>> And by that bede side there standeth a stone,
> "Corpus Christi" wreten there on.
> It may be familiar as "Down in Yon Forest", or in
> the Jeff Buckley version.
> What I want to know is, can you think of any other
> rhymes (possibly 
> nursery rhymes) with that "in the orchard there was
> a hall; in the hall 
> there was a bed" repetitive structure? I read
> something that suggested 
> "The House that Jack Built," and I was hoping for
> some more (possibly 
> better) examples.
After reading your post I've been racking my brains
for an example I heard not long ago. Finally remember
it was in the film "the Wicker Man", and then tracked
down the lyrics, so if you want a pagan example
(composed for the film so not trad. )

Maypole - The Schoolboys

In the woods there grew a tree
And a fine, fine tree was he!

And on that tree, there was a limb
And on that limb, there was a branch
And on that branch, there was a nest
And in that nest, there was an egg
And in that egg, there was a bird
And from that bird, a feather came
And on that feather was
A bed.

And on that bed, there was a girl
And on that girl, there was a man
And from that man, there was a seed
And from that seed, there was a boy
And from that boy, there was a man
And for that man, there was a grave
And on that grave there grew
A tree.

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