Aha! Searching the archive

Juliette Curtis juliette at harvestroad.com
Tue Apr 5 01:53:39 EDT 2005

A while ago, I asked if anybody knew how to search the archive. I have 
since discovered that it can be done rather crudely by Google's Advanced 
Search page. The trick is to be careful about the keywords you use. 
(Yes, I know, that's always the secret with searching. :-) ) Make sure 
you include "Diana Wynne Jones" and "suberic" among your keywords. This 
makes sure that it searches the DWJ list. Then add keywords for the 
subject you want to search for. The list of results includes the pages 
of the list archive that include those keywords. Click the URLs for the 
actual pages, not just the subject. Using this method, I was able to 
locate the detailed discussion of Hexwood without too much trouble. It 
started around Nov 2001, BTW.


I read a page or so of the comments and they have already given me a new 
appreciation of Hexwood, which is great because used to dislike it even 
though I knew I must be missing a lot of good stuff.

Apologies for the somewhat incoherent email. I didn't sleep much last 
night and am having a coffee-and-aspirin day. I drink coffee to stay 
awake. I take aspirin to stop my head hurting from all the coffee. Not a 
good day.


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