word order (was Re: Random DWJ discovery of the day)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 4 19:20:20 EDT 2005

Colin Fine wrote:

> In response to Gili: When James Cooke Brown wrote a grammar of his 
> artificial language Loglan, he added an appendix entitled "The 
> fourteen meanings of 'pretty little girls school'". The point, of 
> course, was that Loglan distinguished all fourteen (though actually I 
> seem to remember that three of them were rather dubious and eleven 
> might be a better count). He did distinguish (for example) "School for 
> girls who are beautifully small" from "School for girls who are pretty 
> and small".

It's a pity he apparently didn't understand the use of the apostrophe - 
without it, neither of the suggested meanings are actually possible.


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