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liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Mon Apr 4 03:17:41 EDT 2005

Judith wrote:

> represent some way our brain works or something‹some natural order outside
> of language‹and so the rule came out of some natural requirement, rather
> than creating it, if that makes sense. Also, does this order hold true in
> other languages?
If there is such a rule in German, then I don't know it (but that doesn't
prove a thing, does it?). Big brown house or brown big house doesn't sound
any different to me (in German - in English, it does - but I don't remember
having been taught this rule - maybe I've read enough books to pick it up.
I'll ask my mother, who is an English teacher, if it is part of the
curriculum). But maybe someone who conscoiusly learned German knows more
about this subject.


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