The Nine Ferrets Song

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Wed Sep 29 02:35:57 EDT 2004

Well, I've had loads of people who want to see this, and a couple who want
to hear it (I'm not sure what to make of this ;-) ), and Widdy has very
kindly agreed to type it into Sibelius for me.

The neat version is now finished, all but for one chord symbol [*], so if
Widdy will please send me your postal address, off-list, I'll send you a
copy.  Anyone else who would like a copy of the manuscript, please also
send me your addresses off-list, and I'll do my best to send you copies
too.  Widdy, can I leave you in charge of distributing electronic copies
once it's been Sibelius'd?  I'd like something I can print without music
software, such as TIFF, please.

[*] If there is any guitarrist on the list who can help, I'd be grateful.
What do you call the chord of A minor with an added F#?  Is it Am6, or is
that an added F-natural (which after all is a minor 6th)?

The tune is distributed under a copyleft agreement - free for any non-
commercial use, but I retain copyright and assert my moral rights.  Helen,
does this do for you and the words too?  Widdy I suppose gets publisher's


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