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Elizabeth Evans er.evans at
Mon Sep 27 16:18:45 EDT 2004

And I.
Mustardseed (or is it Moth?)
That is, the musical rockband types who live in my house use a program
called Sibelius on my computer which writes and plays music, so I can get
them to play your song for me. So can you please include me on the send-out

Thank you,

  I'd like to see it.  I have Sibelius too.

  Belben Philip wrote:

Paul answered me:

  Anyway, the tune is written, and the piano accompaniment.  If people
are interested, I can do a neat copy and scan it.  (I don't have any
music software - I'm a bit like Quentin Sykes in this respect).
      Yes, please. If nothing else, I'd like to see how close it is to my
own attempt. (Not very, looking at where you've put the long notes

OK, I'll see what I can do.  If there's not much interest, it may be cheaper
to send you a paper copy.  If I scan it, what format would you like?-- To
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