Conrad's Fate

Tarja Rainio tarja.rainio at
Mon Sep 27 13:25:30 EDT 2004

Just read it! I can already see people turning green with envy ;-), and if
some of you follow the LJ DWJ community, it was me who posted that I have
the book in hand... Yet another benefit of having a friend who works as an
editor for DWJ's publisher in Finland (When he first started at the job, he
asked his friends for recommendations, and I, of course, recommended to him
that they should restart publishing DWJ's books and after that I've always
got to review their manuscripts or ARCs of her forthcoming books...

Conrad's Fate is the new Chrestomanci book coming out next Spring and it was
*really really* good! As has been reported before, it has a 15-year old
Christopher in it, but there are also appearances by Milly and Gabriel de
Witt. The book takes place in Series Seven where it's main protagonist,
Conrad Tesdinic, lives. The story keeps you in its grip and there are
several surprises along the way. Even though the easy explanations in the
beginning made me immediately suspicious - maybe I've read too much DWJ - I
never would have guessed some of the final outcome.


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