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Mon Sep 27 08:12:21 EDT 2004

I'd love to see it.

I have the "Sibelius" music program, I'd be happy to make it look all 
spiffy and fancy if you'd like.

I can also save it and send it out as a midi file . . .


On Monday, September 27, 2004, at 03:05  AM, Belben Philip wrote:

> On Friday I said:
>> But this weekend I WILL write a tune for this song.  I am DETERMINED.
>> (Picture the Duke of Caprona saying "Resolute.  I mean thank you")
> Oh dear.  Oh, no!.  Oh my, oh my.  What did I let myself in for?
> I wrote the tune on Saturday morning.  That was the easy bit.
> I then spent the rest of the weekend singing "Niiiiiiiiine ferrets in a
> Booooottlllllle, and they wuz liiiiivin' in sin."  I managed to avoid 
> doing
> this out loud while I was at church, though.  But it was quite an 
> effort...
> Anyway, the tune is written, and the piano accompaniment.  If people 
> are
> interested, I can do a neat copy and scan it.  (I don't have any music
> software - I'm a bit like Quentin Sykes in this respect).  Or I might 
> do a
> barbershop arrangement...
> Or if all people want is the melody and chord symbols, I can try and 
> post it
> here as text...
> Anyone doing additional verses (about the bans and things), please 
> make them
> fit my tune!  For example:
> I had a bottle of ferrets,
> But I don't know how they got in.
> The neck was too small for a ferret,
> And I wouldn't know how to begin!
> Every ferret was male!
> Every ferret was tail!
> Nine ferrets in a bottle
> But who knows how they got in?
> Philip.
> PS I've not heard this use of the word "tail" before.  Is it a 
> standard term
> in the Gay community?  To me it conjures up images of the ferrets using
> their tails in all sorts of ways that I wouldn't want to discuss on a 
> public
> list...
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