AW: Nine Ferrets in a Bottle

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Mon Sep 27 06:12:05 EDT 2004

Paul answered me:

>> Anyway, the tune is written, and the piano accompaniment.  If people 
>> are interested, I can do a neat copy and scan it.  (I don't have any 
>> music software - I'm a bit like Quentin Sykes in this respect).
> Yes, please. If nothing else, I'd like to see how close it is to my
> own attempt. (Not very, looking at where you've put the long notes
> above.)

OK, I'll see what I can do.  If there's not much interest, it may be cheaper
to send you a paper copy.  If I scan it, what format would you like?

>> Or I might do a barbershop arrangement...
> Is it difficult, doing barbershop arrangements? I have a song running
> around in my head that seems made for a barbershop arrangement
> ("...with our glasses raised on high (raaaaaised on hiiiiigh)..."),
> but I don't know the rules.

LOL!  I actually started work on that!  The middle section of that song
isn't in my song book, so I transcribed it from the tape.  I didn't get very
far with the arrangement, though.

I don't know the rules either, I just go on what it sounds like (which I
think is the important criterion in music.  OTOH I do like to know what
rules I'm breaking).  I find it difficult writing any close harmony because
the parts keep colliding.  I like my parts with plenty of space in

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