Nine Ferrets in a Bottle

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On Friday, September 24, 2004, at 09:16  AM, Hendon, Alison wrote:

>>> I had a bottle of ferrets,
>>> Which was otherwise filled with gin,
>>> I had a bottle of ferrets
>>> And the ferrets wuz livin' in sin.
>>> Every ferret was male*,
>>> Every ferret was tail,
>>> Nine ferrets in a bottle,
>>> And they wuz livin' in sin.
> Philip wrote:
> I'm still thinking about a tune for the ferrets.  The "Dam Busters' 
> March"
> is a perfect fit for the first line, but gets no further.  The second 
> half
> of "When Britain really ruled the waves" isn't too bad a fit for the 
> chorus.
> Maybe we should make a collage of tunes!
> and I added:
> "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" fits the first part for me (it's what 
> I hear
> in my head when I read the words.)  But the chorus (Bring back, bring 
> back,
> etc.) doesn't fit with the second verse.  Maybe a chorus is needed
> Livin' in sin
> Livin' in sin
> And all of them livin' in sin, in sin? (repeat)
> and then the second verse goes back to "My Bonnie"?
> Alison

The trouble with picking any existing tune is that the second stanza 
has a different metre than the first one.

(who's going to work on a tune too!)

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suppression of ideas.
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