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> > Jon:
> > > the presence of the zoi on earth has left a
> trace
> > as
> > > there is a mineral Zoisite.
> > 
> > What, then, am I to make of the sample of
> > cummingtonite
> > in the Natural History Museum?
> > 
> >
> I believe that that one is often found in the
> presence
> of Al2Si2O5(OH)4 (Dikite), and vitamin B-13 which is
> often, mistakenly, called Erotic acid (it as
> actually
> Orotic acid), not to mention sometimes AsC4H5
> (Arsole). For all these and more go to the Molecules
> with silly names website
> Jon

While wasting some time looking for information I
zoisite I can across a Zoisite Fan Club.

>From this site:

"Zoisite is named after the gray, brown, or pink
mineral with the chemical formula Ca2Al3(SiO4)3(OH).

Zoisite is the 3rd general of Queen Beryl, in the
first series of Sailor Moon. She came after Jadeite
and Nephlite. In the Japanese version of Sailor Moon,
Zoisite was a man and had a homosexual relationship
with his trainer, Malachite. In the English episodes,
Zoisite is a woman (I'm referring to Zoisite as
she/her from now on.)

Zoisite's mission was to collect the 7 rainbow
crystals and to unleash the deadly warriors trapped
inside by Queen Serenity. She uses Queen Beryl's dark
crystal to find the crystal holders and get their
crystals. Unfortunately, that fool Tuxedo Mask gets in
the way and steals a few crystals. Zoisite is killed
(unjustly) by Queen Beryl for disobeying orders, and
Malachite takes over."

amd especially this bit.

"Zoisite is the only villain with her own attack,

I wonder if the TM after the Zoi has any significance
outside the world of Sailor Moon. From another part of
the site it would seem that Zoicite was a hetrosexual
male in the original Manga.


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