Nine Ferrets in a Bottle

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Fri Sep 24 03:00:53 EDT 2004

Widdy Suggested: 

>>> "But what these unobservant birds" goes to the part that goes 
>>> "Greensleeves was all my joy". Etc. 
>> No it doesn't - that's precisely what I was complaining about. 
> You have to fudge it a little bit. 
> Make "but" a pickup, "what" goes with "green", "un" goes with "sleeves"
> - so instead of long-long, you have short long-short long. 

You needn't be quite that drastic.  Add an upbeat (best is an octave below
"green") for "but", and it lines up like this:

But what  these   un-ob-serv-ant birds
    Green-sleeves wa-as  all my  joy

OTOH all those DLM tunes fit better - "Jerusalem", someone suggested "O
Tannenbaum" (I like that.  I'll try and find the music when I get home), you
could even have the Old Hundredth ("All People that on Earth do Dwell")...
There's a couple of really awful hymns with this metre that have recently
become hugely poplular at church.  Now whenever I have to play them, I'll
think of cormorants :-) :-)

I'm still thinking about a tune for the ferrets.  The "Dam Busters' March"
is a perfect fit for the first line, but gets no further.  The second half
of "When Britain really ruled the waves" isn't too bad a fit for the chorus.
Maybe we should make a collage of tunes!

But this weekend I WILL write a tune for this song.  I am DETERMINED.
(Picture the Duke of Caprona saying "Resolute.  I mean thank you")

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