AW: nine ferrets in a bottle

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Thu Sep 23 10:39:01 EDT 2004

> > The tune is 'Greensleeves'.
>What?  There are dozens of tunes to fit that.  Most are four-line tunes,
>needing to be sung twice, but if you insist on an eight-line tune, try
>Parry's "Jerusalem".  That's been crying out for some decent words for long
>enough ;-)
>(The structure is what's known to hymn books as DLM, short for Double Long
>Metre.  Long metre is four lines each of four iambs, and very common)

A good reverse test of this is the Steeleye Span version of Gaudete 
Christus est Natus. If you can't remember the words for a verse when 
singing this song, try substituting other songs. Most Christmas Carols work 


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