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Thu Sep 23 08:42:50 EDT 2004

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004, Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:
|You'll never read Emily Dickinson the same way again, after you try setting
|her poems to "The Yellow Rose of Texas", "America the Beautiful", "Yankee
|Doodle", the first verse of "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory", the chorus of
|"Jingle Bells"...

YRofTexas is best.

Here, put this verse to it, and you will immediately understand the
appeal of Yellow Rose of Emily:

  Because I could not stop for Death --
  He kindly stopped for me --
  The Carriage held but just Ourselves --
  And Immortality.

(If you don't know the tune you can listen to a MIDI version here: )

|BTW, the "Nine Ferrets in a Bottle" song is a masterpiece. It needs to be
|set to music and sung in a rollicking chorus at our next gettogether.

Oh, yes.  When we finally have our DWJ con that is our theme song.
(Ooh!  i was wondering what my ObDWJ would be and it just came!  It's a
stretch, I grant, but...)

Hither then, swiftly, for I'm cold, I'm cold.
		-- _The Folk of the Air_

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