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> deborah again:

> > Oh, I'm of the school that says that all fanfiction needs to be
> > rooted in believable character traits.
> That seems to me to be sense, because otherwise why not make up
> one's own people and write about them instead?  (Kirk always seemed
> to me to be thoroughly hetero, if not downright womanising, and I
> had trouble seeing him any other way.  And Spock's sexuality was
> only triggered by some set of hormonal stuff that only Vulcans had,
> or something, so he wouldn't be being sexual at all except in the
> presence of a female Vulcan in the right hormonal state.  Or some
> such; I forget the details, but I think it turned up once in
> something I read.)

Vulcans go on heat once every seven years, at which point they let rip
with all the emotions they otherwise claim not to have. As I recall,
this happens irrespective of the presence of a Vulcan of the opposite
sex, and there are said to be cases of Vulcans actually dying of
sexual frustration. (Some of the more alert slash writers have used
this as their excuse, by stranding Kirk and Spock alone together just
before Spock goes on heat, or whatever. I don't believe that would
work, personally, but there it is.)

The novelisation of the first Star Trek movie had a foreword "by"
James Kirk, which is mostly him being modest but had some interesting
sidenotes, including one in which he acknowledged that he was aware of
the rumours about him and Spock, and makes essentially the two points
you made. I was quite impressed by that foreword, but not IIRC enough
so to read the actual novel.

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