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> I feel I should remark that this wasn't my phrase, but I found it extremely
> funny: I don't know *why* the idea of nine ferrets in a bottle gives me the
> gigglies, but it does.  It's entirely surreal.  Nothing to do with
> homosexuality at all, just deeply weird.

So where does it come from, anyway? I am the ghost of Able Mabel, the 
ferrets' bottle is on the table?

I'm imagining some folk song, with patter and guitar thumping and all that, 
going something like

I had a bottle of ferrets,
Which was otherwise filled with gin,
I had a bottle of ferrets
And the ferrets wuz livin' in sin.

Every ferret was male*,
Every ferret was tail,
Nine ferrets in a bottle,
And they wuz livin' in sin.

(Alternate version: every ferret fe-male, every ferret be tail, if you like)

Helen Schinske
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