Silly Translations (the joys of hot metal typesetting)

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Wed Sep 22 07:18:04 EDT 2004

> Helen Fchinfke

LOL!  That reminds me of a book of short stories by Fritz Leiber.  One of
the stories was "Bazaar of the Bizarre", featuring his stock hero Fafhrd.
Now how do you typeset the name "Fafhrd"?  F is supposed to overhang in most
fonts, but you can't ovehang an H and you're not going to find an FH
ligature in the type tray of any language that I know of.

Most often I see the name printed with extra space after the F, but what the
printer did in this book was to find a font that had the old fashioned "long
S" available, and use an SH ligature.  Neat!


(This is by contrast with my copy of "The Little Broomstick" by Mary
Stewart, in which the long S, required in a couple of passages, appears to
have been manufactured by filing the cross-stroke off an F)
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