Character traits and romance (Re: non-classical slash)

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Wed Sep 22 04:24:03 EDT 2004

>I *know*, she wails, not understanding her reaction.  And I'm madly in
>love with him, and I do believe he's getting laid all over the place,
>and are you sure that English isn't your first language, because you
>really have the idiom down pat.   ;)

I'm sure. But thank you. :-)

But!  I try to imagine him
>actually feeling passion, instead of just having sex or flirtations
>because it's one way to entertain himself, and I completely fail.  I can
>see all the women he meets (including me) and most of the men falling
>for him.  I strongly suspect that both Michael and Calcifer are half in
>love with him (do we any reason to suspect that Calcifer is male except
>those are the pronouns to which Sophie defaults?).  But I just can't see
>either Howl or Torquil feeling desire.  Meh, I'm probably insane.

As mecha said, Howl's heartless. That's text. It's a tragedy, in a way, 
because you get the feeling that he *wants* to love something, and he can't 
- which is one of his motivations for getting laid all over the place. It's 
pretty haunting to read the Wales scene and realize that if the 
heartlessness affects all kinds of love, he probably can't even love that 
sweet little niece of his.

Another interesting thing is that Calcifer has Howl's heart - what is *he* 
doing with it? Howl is so head-over-heels in love with Sophie in the last 
scene that it's almost suspicious. Sure, some of it is friendly, caring 
feelings he's built up during his heartless days, and some might be the 
novelty of being able to love at all, but I can't help but wonder if perhaps 
Calcifer was taking a shine to Sophie as well. (Would explain why he's so 
helpful with the scarecrow and all. *g*) All speculation, of course, no 
actual text!

As for Torquil, DWJ described the siblings as being essentially alone. 
Hathaway was the only one who managed to find real companionship. I think 
having the sort of powers they do sets them apart from other people, so that 
they can't really relate to anyone but each other – and they don't *like* 
each other. Howard will probably be able to escape this since he's been 
brought up during the past 13 years to think of himself as a normal human, 
but I think it'd be hard for the rest of them to find love among powerless 
humans. (Archer and Fifi are more like rock star and groupie than like 
companions, methinks.)

>|image of him up when he's become a cross between a guinea pig and 
>Eee!  Barbacalcifer!

I know, it's quite disturbing.


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