heartless etc. (was RE: Character traits and romance (Re: non-classical slash))

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 22 01:51:03 EDT 2004

>|Deborah wrote:
>|But!  I try to imagine him actually feeling passion, instead of just 
>|sex or flirtations
>|>because it's one way to entertain himself, and I completely fail.
>|But that seems accurate to me, that you couldn't imagine it, because of 
>|being heartless.  I do think it's meant.
>Oh.  Er, right.  See, you're smart.  :)

hee hee! Just not susceptible to Howl's charms.  But this does bring up 
something I was meaning to mention - which is the way DWJ will play a phrase 
out through the story on multiple levels. Like being heartless. And then in 
the sequel there's a castle in the air, and the soldier and Abdullah both 
build various 'castles in the air.'  I feel sure that she does this all over 
the place and at more levels than I've noticed.  Will the list help point 
some more instances out to me?

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