Character traits and romance (Re: non-classical slash)

Otter Perry ottertee at
Tue Sep 21 22:03:27 EDT 2004

On Tuesday, September 21, 2004, at 04:08 PM, Irina Rempt wrote:

> On Tuesday 21 September 2004 23:53, minnow at wrote:
>> What about Eomer?  There are only about four call-them-female
>> characters in LotR and I don't see him with any of them; which of the
>> males?
> Faramir, of course. I've even written half a story in which Eomer 
> writes
> a letter to his sister saying that he desires her husband, and it ends
> in a joyous threesome. Only the actual sex stumps me :-)

I imagine Eomer and Eowyn would have no trouble getting it on ....


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