Character traits and romance (Re: non-classical slash)

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Tue Sep 21 18:20:42 EDT 2004

> > > That's a rather interesting interpretation of the text, and a
> > > somewhat surprising one concerning Howl, considering that 
> > > described as being quite the heartbreaker. I had a feeling 
that if
> > > it wasn't a children's story, he'd be getting laid all over 
> > > place. :-)
> >
> > Well, yes. I think if I met Howl, I'd wonder if he was bi. :)
>Hey, being bi doesn't mean you're promiscuous any more than being gay or
>straight does! It just means that the partner's gender is Just Another
>    Irina (bi and happily monogamous)

Hear, hear! (Bi and currently un-anything-gamous.) Though in Howl's case, 
"promiscuous" is a given, so the question of bi or not bi is the only one 
that arises.

I had this idea of a story in which Calcifer like miss Angorian could take 
human form (of either sex), and his contract with Howl was partly sealed 
through sexual means, and Sophie eventually found out about all this... It 
was sadly one of those stories I never managed to write, and now after 
guineapig BarbaCalcifer I fear it's been shot all to hell. :-)


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