Character traits and romance (Re: non-classical slash)

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Tue Sep 21 16:45:10 EDT 2004

>It's completely in character to write Chrestomanci (the Christopher one)
>as "gay as nine ferrets in a bottle", not to mention Torquil 
or Howl.
>But that doesn't change the fact that I have no desire whatsoever to
>read romantic or sexual fanfiction involving either character, with any
>sexuality.  I think that they are also rather asexual, though not for
>the reason that Tolkien characters seem that way to me.  Rather, they're
>so tied up in themselves, that though I believe in their abilities to
>love or care for people, I don't really see them as potential romantic
>or sexual beings.

That's a rather interesting interpretation of the text, and a somewhat 
surprising one concerning Howl, considering that he's described as being 
quite the heartbreaker. I had a feeling that if it wasn't a children's 
story, he'd be getting laid all over the place. :-)

For some reason, until the trailer of the Howl's Moving Castle movie came 
out, I saw Calcifer as a very sensual character. But it's hard to keep that 
image of him up when he's become a cross between a guinea pig and Barbapapa. 
(Not that I don't think Calcifer in the movie seems to be the cutest thing 
ever. It's just not a sensual cuteness.)

Speaking of DWJ gaiety, my immediate reaction after reading A Sudden Wild 
Magic was, "A gay centaur! They have a gay centaur!" It wasn't until later 
that I realized that this interpretation of the text wasn't necessarily a 
given. For me, it was a logical conclusion: the team on earth sends two gay 
boys on the trip. (It's not clearly stated that they're gay, but since their 
job is to seduce the men of Arth, I think they'll have to be.) One of them 
is an "analogue" to Josh, the centaur. Analogues are shown to be very 
similar (to the point that Len and Lawrence both have weak stomachs). So it 
took a while for me to wrap my mind around the idea that Josh didn't *have* 
to be gay,

Plus I have the whole "DWJ doesn't leave me wanting
>in a way that fanfiction can fulfill" thing going.  Which I wish I
>understood.   It's not a children's lit issue; I could be very into
>Diane Duane or McKinley fanfiction, if it were good.

A pity McKinley doesn't like fanfiction and DWJ does.

But yes, I feel much the same way. I'd like to promote DWJ the awy writing 
fanfiction does, but I can't seem to manage it. I very rarely get an idea, 
and even when I do I can't seem to write it. The original is too good.


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