OT: 2 off-topic requests for book ideas

Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Tue Sep 21 16:02:37 EDT 2004

Jenne said...

> > Is the 1964 classic case of self-injury to cope with (or as a result of)
> > mental crisis, *I Never Promised You A Rose Garden* by Hannah Green,
> > the YA scope (on account of being about a 16-year-old)?  That's assuming
> > it's still possible to get hold of it; last time I know it was in print
> > in 1978 when I think they made a film of it.
> I wouldn't recommend it, myself; I read it at 16, and because it ends
> with the traditional mid 20th century belief that those with mental
> illness will never have normal love relationships, as well as other mid
> 20th century beliefs about mental illness, it could be very damaging...

It also presents an accurate-for-its-time but
horrendous-by-modern-standards/knowledge picture of how schizophrenia was
treated.  I read it at 16 or so too (in the mid-80s) and was very surprised
a few years later to when I read some non-fiction works on the subject.

It's probably best presented as a historical novel - and I admit to liking
it *as* a historical novel.

It is, as far as I can tell from a swift google, still in print, though.

Dorian (who is frantically trying to remember either the title or the author
of a certain other book that might fit this bill).

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