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Tue Sep 21 12:21:37 EDT 2004

deborah mumbled shamefacedly

>On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Charles Butler wrote:
>|I was reading Aristotle's Poetics yesterday and came across a reference to
>|comedic versions of the legend of Orestes in which he and Aegisthus are
>|reconciled and go off the best of friends (presumably leaving Pylades
>|pouting in a corner - unless he took the opportunity to move in on
>|Clytemnestra) - and I thought, 'Classical Slash!' There's a conference paper
>|in there somewhere...
>I've wanted to write Beowulf/Unfirth for *ages*.

Hmmm.  Beowulf never married, and had no children....  and "among the
world's kings he was the gentlest of men", not to mention that "his heart
was not savage" and until the Grendel incident "he had long been despised
because the children of the Geats did not reckon him a fine man".  It's all
a bit like Peter Morwood's comment on an obituary that ended "Celebrity X
never married": "Might as well say 'he was gay as nine ferrets in a bottle'
and have done with it, mightn't they".

Not that probability makes a ha'p'orth of odds if what you're after is
slash, but I just mention, in the interests of plausibility.


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