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Tue Sep 21 08:44:34 EDT 2004

On Tue, 21 Sep 2004, Charles Butler wrote:

|> >Fanfiction. Obviously.
|> LOL.  That's an amusing image...
|I was reading Aristotle's Poetics yesterday and came across a reference to
|comedic versions of the legend of Orestes in which he and Aegisthus are
|reconciled and go off the best of friends (presumably leaving Pylades
|pouting in a corner - unless he took the opportunity to move in on
|Clytemnestra) - and I thought, 'Classical Slash!' There's a conference paper
|in there somewhere...

I've wanted to write Beowulf/Unfirth for *ages*.

-deborah, hanging head in shame
You klingon bastard, you killed my son.  You klingon bastard, you killed my
son.  You ... Klingon ... bastard ... you ...

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