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HSchinske at aol.com wrote:
> There are at least two German translations of _Murder Must Advertise_ 
> about, ... <snip>  I never could
> decide if it was a good thing or not that "Death Bredon" was known as 
> Tod in the German, with Tod of course being an entirely possible name in 
> English, whereas the whole point in the original is what an unusual name 
> "Death" is (he says most people rhyme it with "teeth"). I've heard that 
> the other translation is much better, but have never seen it that I 
> recall. I don't know whether it uses Tod or not.

I think I read this translation, because I seem to remember it kept
"Death" - but I do not recall wether there was an explanation offered or
how the rhyming with "teeth" was dealt with.* But I do remember it had
an interesting afterword by the translator or some DLS scholar about how
DLS put her experiences in this book.

*ObDWJ: As I mentioned before, Cat stays Cat in the translation of
Charmed Life. It is (and probably justly) assumed that kids will know
what the word cat means.


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