AW: 2 off-topic requests for book ideas

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Tue Sep 21 02:49:21 EDT 2004

Deborah passed these bucks:

> Requestor 1 would like suggestions of books that will interest older
> kids (middle school; that's 10-14 for you furriners) who have a poor
> reading levels (K-4; that's ages 5-90.  i'm afraid that without expert
> help she might turn to the dreaded publisher's specialised anthology.

Ages 5-90?  That's quite a range!  Assuming you want reading leve 5-9 but
interest level teenage, the only book that springs immediately to mind is
"The Dragon Hoard" by Tanith Lee

> I was hoping you could talk to your friend about different titles of 
> "Hi-Lo" books that concern some of the following topics: -Sports

Hang on... Is "Hi-Lo" merely a designation for the disparity between reading
age and interest age?

> Requestor 2 asks 'can you think of any middle grade or YA books about
> cutting (either with razorblades or with anything else) or about other
> self-injury methods that are used as an emotional coping mechanism?'

Books _about_ self-injury?  Ouch!  (pun intended)  No idea, I'm afraid.
There's something at the back of my mind but it refuses to come forward...

ObDWJ, the ways Charles and Brian use magic in Witch Week look like
self-harm is not far away (and I think Chrestomanci thinks so too) but I
don't see how this helps.  Dammit, yes it does!  Charles and the candle!

I don't think I managed more than threehalfpence worth, this time...

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