OT: 2 off-topic requests for book ideas

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Mon Sep 20 20:58:54 EDT 2004

Passing on two sets of book requests I was given, for help from my
erudite minions -- er, honoured listmates.

Requestor 1 would like suggestions of books that will interest older
kids (middle school; that's 10-14 for you furriners) who have a poor
reading levels (K-4; that's ages 5-90.  i'm afraid that without expert
help she might turn to the dreaded publisher's specialised anthology.

> I was hoping you could talk to your friend about different titles of
> "Hi-Lo" books that concern some of the following topics:
> -Sports
> -Culturally Diverse Biographies
> -Animals
> -Technology
> -Careers/Industries/Professions
> -Scary Stories
> -Fiction (Friendship/Relationships)

Requestor 2 asks 'can you think of any middle grade or YA books about
cutting (either with razorblades or with anything else) or about other
self-injury methods that are used as an emotional coping mechanism?'

Ideas for either?

"I'm a very gentle man, not unlike Gandhi. ... I could kill them
at any moment. But that's really just if they annoy me."
		 -- Joss Whedon

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