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Mon Sep 20 08:23:48 EDT 2004

I asked
><and who was it who pointed out that if there
>wasn't a dry eye in the house
>that was just as well, because a dry eye would be
>in serious trouble?>

and Ven suggested:

>I'm pretty certain this was E Nesbit. I don't
>know what book but it would have been near the
>end on a left hand page facing an illustration.
>(does anyone else rememeber the postion on the
>page that they read soemthing, it can be very
>handy). The context istr involved a ship, a
>dockside, a King and a dragon.

Yes, I do that too, and a great nuisance it is if
I don't have the right edition to hand!  Handy if
I do, though.

Do you happen to remember whether this was a p/b
or an old hardback?

Nesbit wasn't who I was thinking of (though it is
exactly the sort of thing she *would* have said)
-- my mind was more on someone like A.A. Milne in
one of his non-Pooh essays, or possibly an SF
writer, as it might be Heinlein in one of the
long rambling later works.  Maybe Thog would
know that one.


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