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On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
|Why did I think that?  Well, I'm not an expert, but "Gemma" does not sound
|like a Victorian (of any part of the period) name to me; it seems mid-C20.
|And "Doyle" is an Irish name, but "Spence Academy" sounds thoroughly
|English - and at this point, I'm getting into the Irish mind-set that says
|"Doyle" is Catholic and "Spence Academy" is Protestant, and never the twain
|shall meet, at least not without major class/race/religion issues that the
|blurb doesn't mention.  My immediate reaction was that the author had not
|done his/her homework.

Well, Saint Gemma was victorian (Italian, but born 1878), so the name is
contemporary.  And the book is *very* much involved in class/race/religion
issues, although not so much the one you're mentioning.  There's lots of
class and related marriage issues, and gender, and quite a bit of

I think someone should give it a shot; it's an enjoyable book.  Slightly
throwaway magic, like I said, and definitely contemporary mores mixed
with gothic style, but not bad at all.

This is St. Gulik. He is the Messenger of the Goddess. A different age from
ours called him Hermes. Many people called him by many names. He is a

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