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Fri Sep 17 17:06:02 EDT 2004

Jordan said...

> I've noticed that too in tons of books too! Eyes seem to "dance" or
> or anything like that a lot. I've looked for it in real life but I havent
> figured out the difference between dull and bright eyes yet. Hmmm

In my RL experience, eyes only seem to sparkle when the owner is about to
start crying.  The tears there but not quite shed yet do sparkle when the
light catches them.

This, of course, is not what most writers seem to mean when they use the
phrase.  As a writer myself, I've come to the conclusion that when a writer
has someone read mood/thoughts solely from the other person's eyes, it's a
kind of shorthand for "this is what their whole expression/stance/body
language is saying".  It's just quicker to write "her eyes danced with
mischief" than, say, "she smiled, narrow-eyed, head on one side, her stance
light and eager, one hand half-reaching out..." (or whatever other
combination of expression and body language a given writer might choose to
express a given emotion).  Sometimes writing seems to be a trade-off between
(long-winded and subjective) accuracy and

(But I have, once seen genuinely "cold" eyes.)

Dorian (finally back online after lengthy 'puter issues.  ::wave:: to Beck;
nice to see you here at last!)

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