Magic as advanced technology

Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Sep 17 12:50:08 EDT 2004

> >It reminds me, circuitously, of something I saw recently saying that people
> >with disabled social skills, such as autistics, regard the degree of
> >perceptiveness that other people show in normal conversations as something
> >akin to magical. This makes me wonder whether it wouldn't be feasible for
> >some people to have extra sensitivity at the other end of the spectrum -
> >ESP?
>An awful lot of people in fiction have a wonderful way of being able to
>read not just facial expressions but the *eyes* of those with whom they are
>conversing.  Does that really happen all that much in real life, short of
>the person being "read" bursting into tears?

I can do this, because I am quite strongly empathic. I can always tell when 
students are lying, for example. The problem is that I can't often do much 
about it. I will often figure out emotional things about people from 
looking at them, and then I have disputes with people who didn't see what I 
saw. I've been proved right by circumstances often enough to trust my 

I would probably not write this in fiction, unless my character was 
empathic, because I know most people don't do it.


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