AW: The Ghost of Marmalade

Belben Philip Philip.Belben at
Fri Sep 17 04:42:59 EDT 2004


> She put it in as a deliberate mystifier.

Ah.  I see.  I didn't expect to find the same mystifier in two unrelated
books.  But in fact that's one of the things that makes it particularly
mystifying.  Fun!

> She says that there ought to be occasional deliberate mystifiers in
> everyone's lives and she has a duty to add them just in case someone
> happens to have a deficiency.

Oh yes.  I agree totally.

> He knew it was meant to be funny so he *made* it be funny with the
> marmalade and the parrot-cage.

Wow.  That explains the parrot cage, which went on bothering me even after
Jennifer's post.

> She says there is a deliberate mystifier in *Eight Days of Luke* too
> but she won't tell me what it is, and I haven't spotted it, which I
> suppose just goes to show how easily I accept things as making sense
> even if they don't.

Ooh!  Thanks for this, Minnow.  8DoL is high on my list to re-read soon, so
I'll be on the look-out.

And thanks for clearing up the parrot cage.  Um, well, you know what I mean.

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