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>I may be being a bit silly, but what evidence for there having been early
>alien visitors, or any, to this planet does he adduce?

This is one of those things that keeps coming back. The main piece of 
evidence is supposedly a Dogon sand picture indicating the existence of 
Sirius B, and a general knowledge that it orbits Sirius A with a 
50-year period. What little evidence exists has been, to put it 
charitably, severely overblown.

'[The diagram's] description, given in the caption from information by
Griaule and Dieterlen, is clearly symbolic; Temple chooses to interpret
it literally. On pages 23 and 25 of his book he gives his own modified
version of this diagram, retaining the symbol for Sirius, one of the
positions of Sirius B, and the surrounding oval; all else is omitted. He
then interprets the surrounding oval meant to represent "the egg of the
world," as the elliptical orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A, even though
the symbol equated with Sirius B is drawn as lying within the oval, not
on it. This is Temple's basis for saying that the Dogon "know" Sirius B
orbits Sirius A in an ellipse.' -- Ian Ridpath, _Investigating the
Sirius "Mystery"_, Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1978 has a good general summary which I think 
is too big to re-post here. 
is a longer article by one of the people who took the time to debunk 
the claims, and from which I quote above.

>I was seriously set
>against all such by the Chariots gubbins

Erich von Daeniken apparently supported Temple's theories.

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